5 Classes We’d Love To Try In A Hogwarts Legacy Sequel

The life of a Hogwarts student has a lot of untapped potential, and players want to try out new classes in a Hogwarts Legacy sequel.

Players can take classes like Divination and Defense Against the Dark Arts, which are well-known from the Harry Potter series. In Hogwarts Legacy, classes are mostly about learning new powers or skills, like how to grow plants that can be used in battle in Herbology. But some classes are cut scenes instead of interactive experiences, and in a possible Hogwarts Legacy sequel, several more classes could be fun and satisfying.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players start their studies as 5th years. This means that if they get to go back to Hogwarts for a 6th or 7th year, they can take a lot more classes and go to a lot more places. It’s also possible that the extra or elective classes at Hogwarts Legacy could have been very different from the ones in the Harry Potter books. But there are a few Harry Potter classes that didn’t make the cut that could be fun and different for players in a possible Hogwarts Legacy sequel. Players should be able to start their time at Hogwarts as new students, so they don’t miss out on years of schooling.

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