7 Best Throwable Weapons In Trepang2, Ranked

Each of the throwable things in Trepang2 is entertaining, fast-paced, and incredibly potent.

As the player moves around each of Trepang2‘s many maps and shoots their way through hordes of enemies, they will also need a reliable throwable weapon to help them take out bigger groups of enemies that are much harder to kill with just a gun.

Even though it’s clear that Trepang Studios made their latest game to be very fast-paced, like Ghostrunner and Doom Eternal, the throwable guns do add a bit of strategy to gunfights, which can help to slow things down a bit. Still, there are a few throwable things that are definitely better than others and that players should definitely try to unlock so they can break up bigger groups much more easily.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rely on these tools too much because they can still take a few seconds to throw, which is too long in the world of Trepang2. So, the best way to make sure you survive as long as possible is to use guns and then slow down enemy waves with these throwable weapons.

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