A Guide to Avoid Mistakes while Designing Curated Gift Boxes

Gifts comes under the category of high end and luxury items. They are expected to be packed in luxury packaging that can do justice to their worth and also enhance their perceived value. For that purpose, there are curated gift boxes made with premium material like cardboard and rigid to keep the gift items safe and secure from external pressure and other factors. 

The process of designing custom gift boxes can be a challenge because you have to take care of certain things ad if you avoid them, you will not be able to achieve the desired results. 

  • Not Performing Drop Test of Custom Gift Boxes

As mentioned above that the gifts are delicate and expensive items, the receiver expect to receive the present in its pristine condition because they pay a high price but if the present get damaged during the transit, it will damage your reputation and trust of the receiver. Therefore, the wisest idea is to perform the dropping test because it will ensure that these luxury boxes are sturdy enough to bear the external pressure and keep the items safe inside. 

When you use the natural material like cardboard to produce present boxes, they will easily pass the dropping test. If you deliver the parcel without doing the drop test, your brand reputation will be at a great risk. 

The choice of gift packaging manufactures also matters, so you should be very critical while making that decision to collaborate with the. Do your proper research about the companies and find the right one that fulfils your expectations and requirements.

  • Not Paying Attention to the Social Media Trends 

 Social media is the biggest trend setter in any industry. People have the platform to promote and make it a trend. Same goes for packaging of the products, when a number of audiences support a particular type of packaging on social media, it reinforces the local customers. Therefore, if you want your brand to flourish and grow, must adopt the social media trends so that the customers can resonate with your products.

You have to keep in mind that unboxing experience is the main selling point of your gift boxes.  The more you make it exciting and attractive according to the trends, so that the customer show satisfaction investing in with buying present packaging. 

Make the designs of the boxes attractive eye-catching and visually appealing so that if the customers share their unboxing experience on social media, it can grab the attention of a wider audience. In this way you will be able to promote and advertise your brand on a broader level and achieve massive sales. 

  • Not Considering the Needs of Target Audience

Customer satisfaction is the soul of the success of a brand because it is something that has long term benefits. If you have made your image in the market that you offer products that fulfill the needs and requirements of your audience, you will be able to gain the trust of new customers.

Using cardboard made candle gift boxes and boxes for other products can build a strong emotional connection between your brand and the customers. In other words, you have pay attention on building a memorable first encounter of your products and the buyer. 

If your customers need sustainable packaging, easy to open, light weight yet high-quality gift boxes then never compromise on this. Serve them with the best you have so that they can visit your brand again. 

  • Not Following the Market Trends

 Developing a distinctive brand is crucial for standing out, but staying attuned to current trends and market expectations is equally important. For products aiming to evoke a sense of calm, such as meditation items, opt for luxury packaging with cool-toned colors. Conversely, products designed to energize should incorporate vibrant colors to captivate their audience.

Understanding your market at a profound level is key to crafting packaging that resonates with them. Prior to embarking on the design of your upscale gift box, invest time in researching the top-performing products in your niche

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