Best Travel places to visit in Havana


Havana is the city that is made to stroll and there are so many popular attractions that you surely explore. Here you can enjoy the live rumba music around the street, have a feast at the restaurants and even inhale the fresh air. The best part of visiting Havana is that this place is culturally rich like the Caribbean city and there are so many historic treasures to explore here. You can know about the highlights and the top places to visit here from the information that is provided below.

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Old Havana

Old Havana is the UNESCO heritage site and the charm of this place is still active. The elegant neoclassical and baroque buildings can be seen here that have been restored and the beauty of these buildings is still intact.

In case you are thinking of visiting Old Havana then there are various sightseeing tours that you can enjoy here, which include Plaza Vieja and even the Plaza De Armas. There are various other highlights of the place that includes the Catedral De San and the Castillo de la fuerza. 

You can take a walk through the Calle Obispo.

The Malecon

If you are here in Havana then you should surely be here at the Malecon to enjoy the amazing sunsets. The most famous sea front of the place is the Hanana Vieja. If you are overlooking the place then you can find the colorful collection that is preserved here. The architectural styles can be witnessed here which are preserved since the 20th century. Here you can meet the locals, find the ocean breezes and enjoy the fresh air here.

Those who are willing to rest their feet here can even do so. There is a long list of world heritage site, national monuments that you can explore here.

National Capitol Building

The travelers who visit Havana should surely visit the Capitol building. The building is grand and the place is inspired by the distinctive cupola. The structure of the place displays a blend of neoclassical and the Nouveau styles. You can take a guided tour to the place for small fees and the highlights of the place include beautiful marble floors and massive domes. The bronze sculpture of the place is the replica of the 24 carat diamond. The place is marked as the hallway and  it is measured as an important destination of the place.

Museo De La Revoucian

The place is worth visiting and the old palace is designed by the Belgian architect. It was built in the early 20th century and the neo classical architecture that is adopted is of much importance.

You can find an interesting display of yachts here. This was the boat through which Fidel Castro and also his gang flew to Mexico.

Playas Del Este

This is a place that is a short drive from the city. It is a long stretch place that runs for miles. It is a great alternative for the travelers those who do not visit the beach resorts.

The beach is divided into various sections. There are different tourists’ attractions and services.

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Museo Nacional De Bellas

The place was designed in the 1920s. There is a large collection of ancient art of 600 works. The building is dedicated to Cuban art. Here you can find an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures and prints. One of the unique marble structures here is the museum entrance. 

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