Cat’s Eye Gemstone – Astrological Significance, Benefits and Price

The beautiful Cat’s eye gemstone has got its name because of the resemblance of this gemstone to the eye of the cat. This stone displays a unique optical phenomenon that causes a narrow, bright band on its surface that resembles a cat’s eye when it is viewed under a direct source of light. This effect is known scientifically as “chatoyancy.”

This stone looks similar to the cat’s eyes in both color and the slit at the center of the eye. Because of this stone’s stunning beauty and astrological importance, numerous cultures have used it for centuries. This intriguing stone is popularly known as Lehsuniya or Vaidurya in Hindi and is a rare gemstone that is highly valuable due to its remarkable beauty and shine.

Astrological Significance of the Cats Eye Gemstone

The cat’s eye gemstone is recommended by Vedic astrologers for anyone born under the signs of Capricorn or Aquarius.

Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra are more zodiac signs that can wear this gemstone. However, it is imperative to speak with an astrologer before wearing it. If the wearer is wearing another gemstone or has a problem with their horoscope, it is likely that it could have negative side effects. The cat’s eye gemstone should therefore be suitable with your birth chart.

Additionally, as Ketu is the planet connected with the cat’s eye gemstone, you should seek full advice from an astrologer on how to wear this gemstone and when, if you are experiencing any Ketu-related issues.

Benefits of Cat’s Eye Stone

Astrological sciences mentioned the cat’s eye gemstone as one of the Navratnas, which are considered to be the nine most potent gemstones in the world. According to Vedic astrology, the cat’s eye gemstone possesses both physical and metaphysical qualities that, along with its energy flow, offer a lot of benefits to the wearer.

Many benefits of wearing a cat’s eye gemstone are as follows:

  • The negative effects of the astrological planet Ketu will be reversed by the stone. Ketu is a shadow planet that, when it is in a bad position in a person’s birth chart, is known to produce problems in their lives. These unfavorable effects brought on by Ketu will be eliminated by the Cat’s eye.

  • Additionally, a cat’s eye will shield you from harmful energies like evil spirits and terrible omens. You will be protected from these harmful impacts by its aura. As a result, this stone served as a talisman in former times, and people wore it when traveling.

  • You can strengthen your instincts, insights, and intuition by wearing a cat’s eye gemstone. This heightens the wearer’s awareness of themselves and their surroundings. The wearer’s ability to make decisions is improved, allowing their intuition to lead them more effectively.

  • Lehsuniya is also said to draw money, prosperity, and abundance to the wearer.

  • If you are afraid of failing, this stone will give you the courage to confront your concerns and its power will make external issues less problematic.

  • The stone will also aid in your spiritual development and enable you to communicate with the universe’s higher energies, which will direct you toward god.

  • The cat’s eye gemstone also has medicinal qualities, including the ability to help with eye-related issues, improve digestion, and enhance general health.

Cat’s Eye Stone Price Range

In India, cat’s eye gemstones can cost as little as 700 rupees per carat or as much as 22,000 rupees per carat. The quality, cut, color, clarity, and carat of the stone are just a few of the variables that affect how much it weighs. Stone’s value is increased through polishing and other treatments.

The price of cat’s eye stone is also influenced by the stone’s place of origin. The cat’s eye gemstone is primarily discovered in the countries of India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, etc.

Wrapping Up

The chatoyancy effect that may be noticed on the surface of a cat’s eye gemstone is well known. This stone is a favorite for use in jewelry because of its beauty. For many years, people have believed that the cat eye has mystical characteristics.  You’ll benefit from protection, wealth, spiritual development, and confidence from this prospective gemstone.

To revitalize your gemstone and bring out its full potential, properly perform the Vedic ceremony.

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