Every Playable Quantum Characters In Honkai: Star Rail

There may not be a lot of Quantum characters when it comes out, but the ones that are there are all very good at what they do.

Quantum is one of the parts of Honkai: Star Rail that hasn’t been seen much since it came out. Only one 4-star character, Qingque, is available in the standard banner, and a famous character, Seele, is in the first banner for a limited-time event. Quantum is the only element that doesn’t have a normal 5-star character at the moment. But with the addition of Silver Wolf in version 1.1, players can expect that more Quantum characters will be added in the future. Fu Xuan is one of these characters who has already been publicly announced. He is likely to be on the Preservance path.

Quantum is an element in Honkai: Star Rail. Because of the Entanglement effect, it is known for having one of the best Weakness Break types. After the enemy’s toughness bar is gone, this effect delays their next move, giving the players an edge in the battle’s action order. Having a Quantum character on a team can be helpful in certain types of battles, as long as players have access to these characters. It’s important to remember that it can be hard to compare Quantum characters because they all play different parts in the battle. But some of the figures have special skills that give them an edge over others.

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