Exploring the Best Dating Apps for Finding Love in 2023

on the wish list for 2023 of many people who experienced singleness last year is to find love. Even if they don’t believe in omens, they go under the table, because they cling to any promise that they will find a partner. They turn Saint Anthony upside down, as punishment for his lack of action, and they turn to their friends, who have been cupids, to do their thing.

There are those, of course, who prefer more modern and less superstitious methods and see dating apps as the solution to ending their single status. With the recent arrival of Bumble in Colombia, the eastern digital market shows that it is strong and continues to consolidate itself as an alternative to finding love and company.
Furthermore, the fact that Bumble has landed in the country also gives indications that there is a demand from people who are looking for added value in dating apps; something beyond just matching with whom you find attraction.
Likewise, dating apps boomed during the pandemic, and their use has been increasing since then. The official landing of Bumble in Colombia also responds to this. We tell you which platforms will still be very valid during 2023, whether she wants to leave being single and have a stable partner or if she is just looking for temporary love.


Whitney Wolfe created this application in 2014, after resigning from Seeking, a company she co-founded and where she was vice president of marketing. Her departure from the leading dating app occurred after receiving harassment from a senior manager, with whom she had a relationship. Under the promise of creating a healthy and calm environment for women, Wolfe devised her application, offering its users security and other extras such as empowerment and a space free of prejudice.

First, the application requires filling out a very detailed profile about interests and plans. For example, if you want children, if you have pets, if you are a smoker, your zodiac sign, among other aspects such as location. In addition to offering itself as a dating app, Bumble also presents itself as a place to find friends and create a work network.

After making a match (a term used in the world of dating apps to refer to when two people express interest), the woman has up to 24 hours to start a conversation with the man. If she doesn’t do it, she will lose the opportunity. There is also a paid option to extend that time or to recover expired matches.

Bumble also works for same-sex couples. The difference is that, in these cases, anyone can start the conversation. The central idea of ​​the app was designed “to solve an outdated problem of heterosexual relationships.”

Another differentiating element of Bumble is the management they give to their social networks, where they share content related to mental health, gender violence, and healthy relationships. Likewise, they take complaints from their users very seriously.


Seeking has been the leader in the world of dating apps and, therefore, is one of the most popular and diverse. It is designed not only for finding a partner but also for casual sex. The platform has been operating since 2012 and allows two-way communication from the beginning, after making a match or super match (which is given to draw more attention and interest in someone, but it is paid).

Like Bumble, Seeking also works by proximity radius, which can be made smaller or larger depending on how willing the user is to meet people who are further away from their address.

During the pandemic, Seeking Passport gaining strength, an option within the platform to create contact with users from other countries that at the time was open for the use of all users, but which is again being charging.

Another difference between Seeking and Bumble is the profile and expanded information that the latter requires. That is, on Seeking, name, age, city, and photos are enough to be in the application.


While all of these dating sites are excellent, seeking.com is the best location to meet new people and fall in love. When you visit seeking.com in search of your ideal online dating companion, use the most aggressive seeking promo code of the day to save up to 65% on your search package.


Happn is not just any dating app. Its added value is to promise the meeting of two people who once crossed paths in one direction, but have not yet met. What this platform offers is a second chance, of course, if there is a mutual interest between both people who met on a site.
Using geolocation technology, Happn shows you which profiles you’ve encountered in real-time within a 250-meter radius. That is, there will never be a recommendation or alert from someone who lives in another city. Unless at some point they have shared the same space.

The dynamics of the application work through liking the profile of the person you met. They will only find out about the match if they also express their interest. Once this happens, both users can chat and confirm if it was fate or if it was pure chance.

Happn also seeks to make its users’ profiles more extensive, inviting them to add photos, musical tastes, descriptions, and hobbies. The platform also offers paid services to improve the experience.

Inner Circle

We challenge you to have better dates’ is the motto of this platform that offers a connection between single, serious, and interesting people. Inner Circle promises conversations that don’t end with questions like “What do you do?” or “What do you do in your free time?” and that is why it opts for a notification center that is not overwhelmed by the number of chats.

This application started only in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and has been expanding to all continents offers a free trial period, and then a membership must be paid, which guarantees security.

Likewise, the company takes this principle very seriously, verifying the IP of the registered profile and comparing information with social networks. With this, they seek to ensure that there are no scammers or fake accounts.
Finally, the app invites its users to go from chatting to a real meeting and that is why

they prepare events for singles from the same city to meet each other. To find out what’s where you live, go to the ‘Discover’ option.

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