‘Global Town’ Festival introduces the world cultures to its visitors

RIYADH — The “Global Town” festival represents a unique opportunity for visitors where they can get acquainted with different cultures from across the globe in one place through interesting visual experiences, in addition to exploring the services of charities and several service institutions offered to the festival’s visitors.

Among others, the Ethiopian Corner depicts Ethiopia’s ancient culture, the origin and distinguished aroma of the “Ethiopian coffee”, how it was extracted and made as visitors can taste it and witness the making process.

The corner also included an array of images, symbols, and terrain of Ethiopia and its innate and natural landmarks, in addition to the historical extension that combines Ethiopian culture with Arab culture and the similarities between them since ancient times.

Meanwhile, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology demonstrated its “Saqr 1 (k1b)” reconnaissance drone, which was made of carbon and glass fiber to reduce its weight and increase its durability.

It has a length of two meters, a wingspan of three meters, a speed of 120 km/hour, a weight of five kg, and a payload up to three kilos, manufactured by Saudi hands.

The festival also offered its visitors the opportunity to experience a 3-D image of Makkah taken by the Spot 7 satellite, and a 3-D image of the AlUla by the Worldview-2 satellite, which creatively showed the landmarks and terrain of the region.

For their part, the charities participating in the festival presented shared publications and introductory clips to educate visitors about their services and their role in society, including Kibar Foundation, concerned with the quality of life of the elderly and empowering and serving them in terms of health, social, psychological and entertainment.

The Society for Learning Disabilities (SLD) also briefed the festival’s visitors about its services, which include enabling people with learning disabilities to participate in the social development of society. — SPA