Holidays in Crete: Holidays in the Land of Myths

Holidays on the island of Crete combine unique natural beauty, a varied landscape, an excellent climate, important archaeological sites and monuments, and developed tourist resorts and villages. But most unforgettable is the hospitality and the wide-heartedness of the Cretans, which make your holiday a special and unique experience for every tourist.

Holidays in Crete

As a bridge between Europe and Africa, at the crossroads of three continents, Crete harbors green forests and canyons, everything nature and Greece have bestowed on it. The varied and beautiful climate complements the high mountains, the fertile valleys, and the pristine beaches, guaranteeing visitors an unforgettable holiday. You can rent villas in Crete for any taste.
Crete holds many surprises in its natural diversity. Here, palm forests meet high mountains, and the majestic plateaus look even more epic from the sea. The Sea of Crete is a sea you have never seen before. A holiday lets you feel part of the hidden world of the island, where the beaches welcome you with their gentle waves that sweep away all worries and concerns. The sand here tells the stories of ancient civilizations. Visits to famous gorges and wild forests will complete the “album” of your memories under “the best vacation in Greece.”

Crete History

The Greek island of Crete has a very long history that dates back to the 7th millennium BC. First, the island gave the world the Minoan civilization and perfect architectural buildings. Subsequently, the religious Byzantine times, the serenity of the monasteries, and the temples’ beauty have preserved all their past splendor.
The island is ready to share its secrets with all those who seek a holiday. In addition, Crete is home to famous personalities who created unique traditions, dances, and music, which you can feel even in modern life.
The central part of Crete’s rare beauty is its people. Crete’s proud men and women are the hospitable locals who welcome you in the small cafes and ouzo bars and offer Greek coffee and Greek snacks, filling your holiday with an authentic island flavor and positive emotions.
Crete is a beautiful combination of the cultures and civilizations of the past and a world that lives and creates new traditions. Many major cities have developed on the Greek island of Crete, and the island is divided into four large prefectures.
The holidays are filled with history, culture, and festivities. The mysterious world of the island inhabitants will be so familiar and familiar to you that you will leave this hospitable and picturesque island with tenderness and sadness. You will surely hope for a new and speedy reunion. For a successful vacation, try not to save money on the luxury villas Сrete.

The Unforgettable Atmosphere

Sometimes you don’t want noisy parties, active pastimes, or loud animation. Most people just need a leisurely vacation in a cozy place from time to time. If you’re going to spend your vacation in peace, we suggest considering Crete for a quiet holiday in Greece.