How Bottle Service and Table Service LIV Miami

For most events, LIV in Miami offers bottle service, also known as table service or VIP table, to enter the venue and have a reserved portion within the platform. Here’s what you need to know about ordering bottle service for LIV:


Here are the most important things to know about ordering bottle service for LIV:


  • Ordering bottle service at LIV is the best way to get the whole VIP experience
  • LIV tables must be reserved in advance for the best available location
  • LIV’s typical working hours are 23:00 – 05:00 on Wednesday – Sunday
  • Bottle service guaranteed entry – unlike guest lists or general admission
  • If you need to prepay for your table reservation, we recommend using a credit card or payment method that matches your full name. This will avoid any possible LIV problems when verifying your table reservation.


Where and how to order bottle service for LIV


You can easily find the event you are looking for and order LIV Miami Bottle service


  1. Go to the LIV events section and select the correct date and event to book a table
  2. Look for the Bottle Services section:
  • If you see a list of available tables, click on the table price you are interested in
  • If you do not see any available tables, click the “Submit Request” button
  1. Fill in the required information, and our bottle service specialist will take care of the rest


How many bottles should we get?

On average, you may want one bottle for every 5-6 people, depending on how much you drink. Remember – you will probably need more if you invite anyone to your table!


How much should we expect to pay per person?

On average, you should spend around $666.67 per person if you are a group of 6 guests. Remember that this number does not include taxes, fees, or tips.


What is meant by “minimum spend” in terms of bottle service?

For bottle service orders, the minimum spend is the amount you must spend on alcohol or food to reserve your table for free. For example, if it says a minimum spend of $1k, you must pay $1000 on alcohol (usually 2-3 bottles) to get your table for free.


Is there a separate line for bottle service? Where do I go when I arrive?

There is a separate and faster path for LIV Miami Bottle service groups to enter LIV. Once you show up with your group, go to the correct line, and give your name to a staff member. Be sure to let them know you have a table. They will take care of you, and you will get your entry expedited.


Can I choose a specific table number or location?

Most places DO NOT allow you to select a specific table in advance. You’ll be given a table when you arrive, so arrive early to increase your chances of getting a better table!


Should I use a promoter to order bottle service for me?

We strongly recommend using Discotech to book a table reservation at LIV. You will always get the best price, complete information, and reliable service.

By going through us, your reservation is highly prioritized and will be sent to the top decision-makers everywhere who have long-standing partnerships with us. You also have clear check-in instructions on what to do when you arrive.