How can I contact British Airways customer service?

Contacting British Airways is very simple and easy. Since the airline operates one of the best customer support systems in the industry, you should have peace of mind when booking your flight. Regardless of your region or time, British Airways offers complete support for your flight management through the 24/7 availability of representatives. So that any issue you have or complaints you want to make can be addressed properly.

Here’s how you can contact British Airways on different platforms of the airline.


1.   Find the Correct Number

British Airways has various phone numbers that cater to the different demands of passengers by connecting them with their relevant departments. For instance, there are different numbers for your flight reservation and rebooking needs and different for the ones dedicated to lost baggage claims, refund requests, cancellations, inquiries, etc.

So, the first thing you need to do is find the relevant phone number that best aligns with your needs and dial it. You can find all the phone number details on the official website of the airline and go to the “Help & Contacts” section. The website will provide all the updated contact details of British Airways as per your region of travel.

2.   Dial the Number

Use your phone (either landline or mobile phone) to dial the identified British Airways customer service number. Note that standard local call charges would apply.

3.   Follow Prompts

When you dial the customer support number of British Airways, you will first encounter an automated system that will guide you through the process. Follow those prompts carefully and navigate to the appropriate department for your specific query or concern easily.

4.   Provide Necessary Information

While you are being connected to the customer support representative, keep your booking reference number, flight details, or any other related information ready. So that the conversation process is smooth and clear.

5.   Communicate Your Concern

It is significantly essential that you clearly state the issue or query you have once connected to a representative. Be as specific and accurate as you can so that concise steps can be taken by the representative to facilitate effective assistance for you.

Social Media:

1.   Visit Social Media Platforms

BA has its official social media handles on all of the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. You can browse these handles online and get in touch with customer support there.

2.   Direct Message or Tag

Send a direct message outlining your query or you can also publicly tag British Airways in a post as an alternative. The social media customer support team will try to get back to you as soon as possible, typically replying within a few minutes.

3.   Wait for a Response

While the airline ensures instant connectivity, peak hours can affect the response time. So, be patient about it and confirm a maximum timeframe of 24 hours for a response.

Contact forms:

1.   Navigate the Website

Access the official British Airways website and locate the “Contact Us” or “Customer Support” section to find the contact forms as the airline doesn’t offer a direct email conversation facility.

2.   Use Contact Forms

Fill out the provided contact form as per the nature of service required by you and use a valid email address. Once you write your concern to the airline using these contact forms, the airline will get back to you either via email or phone.

3.   Provide Details

Include all the essential information in these contact boxes. Such as your booking reference number, flight number, passenger details, and a detailed explanation of your query or issue.

Airport Service Desk:

1.   Locate the Desk

If you’re at an airport, find the nearest British Airways service desk. It would either be present at the check-in area or in the arrivals area.

2.   Approach the Desk

Speak directly to the representative of the airline present at the desk and explain your concern/query clearly and concisely.

3.   Provide Details

Provide all the necessary details as demanded by the representative. Let it be your booking information, boarding pass, or any other relevant documentation – submit all the documents to help them address your issue instantly.

So that’s how you can contact customer service of British Airways manage booking online.


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