Instructions to Create MyNETGEAR Account in an Easy Manner

Are you interested in registering your device belonging to the Netgear brand? Yes? In that case, you should create a MyNETGEAR account. As soon as you have implemented this, you will get email support as an add-on. Is the question “how to create the account” clouding your head now? The following steps will reveal that for you.

How to Create MyNETGEAR Account?

1. Connect the Device to WiFi

Start the process by switching on your client device and establishing a connection between it and your Netgear product. The same can be done with two methods. They are: Wired Method: Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the port located on the Netgear product and another to the port of the client device. Wireless Method: Go to the WiFi utility option, locate the network name of the product, enter the network password, and click the Connect button.

2. Load an Internet Browser

As soon as your client device has internet access, open an internet browser on it. Make sure that is not accumulated with cache or cookies for that matter. Along with this, the browser should be updated. In case, you do not keep these two points in mind, then you can forget about creating the MyNETGEAR account successfully. For your information, in case you are thinking that all browsers have the same process of getting updated, then you are absolutely wrong.

3. Access the Official Website

Now, visit You will see a couple of fields. Enter not just your first name but also your last number or surname. Do so and then input the Email Address along with its Password. Once you have entered them, you ought to confirm them. Done? Good. Now, select your Country. For this, you need to go to the drop-down menu. Click the Continue button. Soon the two-step verification page will come into view.

4. Enable Two-Step Verification

In order to enable two-step verification, click the Yes Enable option. You are now needed to input the phone number. This is so that you can receive SMS messages. For this, you ought to click Add Phone Number. Soon a verification code will be sent to the number that you just entered when you were prompted. Enter the verification number and once done, click the Verify button. In case you do not want to do so, click the No Thanks button. The Congratulations page will appear. Hit Finish. Now that you have successfully created a MyNETGEAR account, it is recommended that you register the product that you own at the moment.

How to Register Product on MyNETGEAR?

Make your way to the website. You will again be asked to enter the Email Address and Password. Enter the required details and click the NETGEAR Sign In button. In order to register the product, you are required to enter the SERIAL NUMBER. Not just that, but now, you also need to enter the date of purchase. Click the Register button. Now, wait for some time. Soon your product will get saved in some time.

How to Register Product on MyNETGEAR in Bulk?

Click the Add Multiple Products section. Soon the Register Multiple Products page will come into view. On your device, you will see that you are required to create a file. To be specific, you need to create a .csv file. This can be done up to 50 devices that you are keen on registering. It is recommended that you download the sample file by clicking the Download a sample here button. Return to the Register Multiple Products page. Once done, click the Choose File button. Select the file which you just created. As soon as you are done doing this too, click the Register button. In a matter of seconds, a registration status screen will come into view. Select the Done button. Before you can even blink an eye, your products will get registered. Need more info regarding the same? Go through the info given in the manual. There you will also find information on


This ends the guide based on the steps that can be implemented to create a MyNETGEAR, how to register a single product and the ones in bulk in a hassle-free manner.

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