Is Bike Insurance Mandatory for 5 Years?

Bike Insurance Mandatory for 5 Years?

As a cyclist, you are aware of how crucial insurance is to safeguard you and your vehicle from unexpected events. Have you heard of the new law that requires online bike insurance in the online world in the next five years to become required for a period of five years? If it’s not, don’t worry. Many cyclists aren’t aware of the rule and the ramifications. This article will look at a more in-depth look at the five-year bike insurance policy as well as what it means to you and what options you have as a bicycle owner.

What is the Five-Year Bike Insurance Rule?

In the year 2018, the Indian government enacted a new law that made it mandatory for all cyclists to purchase long-term third-party insurance within a five-year period. In the past owners of bikes were able to pick between a one-year or three-year policy. With this new rule, the minimum term for third-party insurance was expanded to five years.

What are the Implications of the Rule?

The five-year rule on bike insurance has a variety of implications for insurance companies and owners of bikes.

The law aims to offer greater protection for third parties like pedestrians, as well as other vehicles when there is an accident that involves two-wheelers.

Bikers are no longer required to renew their coverage each year or for three years. This will reduce time and stress and also guard them against penalties for not renewing their insurance.

Insurance companies can benefit from a higher premium income as well as increased cash flow as the companies will be receiving five years’ pre-paid premiums. This will allow them to manage risk better and provide more extensive insurance to customers.

What are Your Options as a Bike Owner?

If you’re a cyclist you’re in the position of having a number of options for following the five-year bike insurance policy.

Purchase a long-term Third-Party Insurance Policy is The easiest option as it guarantees compliance with the law and offers basic protection for third parties. But, it doesn’t provide coverage for damage to your personal bike or injury to you in the event of an accident.

Purchase the Comprehensive Insurance Policy: This option offers more comprehensive protection, which includes the possibility of damage to your own bike and injuries to you in the event of an accident. It is however higher priced than third-party policy and isn’t needed if you own a fairly old or cheap bicycle.

Consider a Bundled Insurance Policy: Certain insurance companies offer bundle policies that provide third-party coverage and comprehensive coverage for up to five years. This is a practical and economical option, especially when you’re seeking extensive coverage, but don’t wish to pay for the entire cost in advance.

Change to a Different Insurance Company: If you’re not happy with the current insurance company or the policies they provide, you could easily switch to another insurance provider. Make sure you examine policies and rates carefully to find the best price to meet your budget and needs.


Do you need bicycle insurance required for five years?

A: Yes, it is required for all two-wheelers to get long-term insurance from a third party for five years in accordance with the Indian government’s new rules.

Q What happens if I fail to follow the rules?

 You don’t own a long-term, third-party insurance policy

Q: Can I still purchase an insurance policy for one year or three years?

Answer: No, you can only purchase an extended-term third-party assurance policy with a five-year term in accordance with the new policy. You can however choose a comprehensive insurance policy that covers five years, too.

Q What are the benefits of a policy that is long-term?

A. Long-term insurance will save you time and effort by removing the requirement renewal of your policy each year or for three years. It will also shield against penalties that could be imposed for non-renewal, and provide greater protection for third parties in the event of an accident.

Q What if I want to cancel my insurance prior to the expiration date of five years?

A. Absolutely, you may cancel your policy prior to five years, however, you might not get an amount to cover the remainder of your premium. It is possible that you will have to pay a penalty for the early cancellation.


A five-year buy bike insurance rule is a major modification to the Indian insurance market, and it comes with both advantages as well as drawbacks for bike riders as well as insurance businesses. If you’re a bicycle owner it’s important to be aware of the law and your choices for complying with it. When you’re choosing an extended third-party insurance policy, an all-encompassing insurance policy, or a bundle policy, you should examine the policies and rates carefully to determine the most suitable price for your budget and requirements. Be aware that insurance isn’t just necessary, but it’s essential to safeguard yourself and other motorists in the roadway.

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