Mercury’s Retrogression In Libra On 27 Sept 2021: How to make the most of it

Mercury will be moving in backward motion (called retrogression) in the sign of Libra on September 27, 2021. In the process, it will enter back into Virgo during the early hours of October 2, and will turn direct on October 18 in the same sign. Retrogression of Mercury has a special bearing on us as almost every aspect of our lives is connected to it in some way or the other.

Mercury controls all forms of communication in our lives – both verbal and non-verbal. These include speaking, reading and writing, important documents as well as computer language and coding. Similarly, external forms of communication such as travel and transportation also fall under its ambit. When Mercury becomes retrogrades, these areas of our life tend to get affected primarily due to our inability to communicate clearly leading to a lag or breakdown.

What not to do

This period of Mercury’s retrogression from September 27 to October 18 is not conducive to make any hasty decisions or carry out any elaborate travel plans. Mutual relationships – both personal and professional – can face communication barriers, hence it is important to express your thoughts clearly and explicitly. Mercury retrograde also denotes breakdown of vehicles or minor accidents.

Since this retrogression is happening in Libra sign, it can lead to heightened emotional intensity. It pushes us to seek internal harmony and find the right balance between our real and ideal self. It is advisable to not make any important moves during this period. Whatever you finalise now is subject to change. During a retrograde, it is hard to get decisions from others, hence expect some delays in getting a response from buyers, sellers or employers.

This is also not a good time to do anything involving the communications field. Plans relating to launching a new media outlet, website, or an advertising or publicity campaign should be postponed. Similarly, do not sign any contracts, nor work on any new agreements. The environment will be quite fluid and changeable.

What to do

This is a good time for internal realignment with our goals. We need to use this time to reassess and redesign our plans. Discuss and talk to others, research about your plan or product. You may bump into a solution which is completely new and innovative, something that you may not have thought of earlier. Try and stay objective and not emotional in finalising your plans. The bottom line is to not rush into anything, rather wait and analyse.


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