Mykonos – a perfect place for a summer holiday

Mykonos is a resort that has become a legend. It is an ideal place for everyone who wants to relax and get a lot of pleasant experiences. This is a real Greek Olympus for lovers of luxury. Only now, instead of the ancient gods and goddesses, world celebrities gather here – representatives of music and cinema, sports, etc. Mykonos can be safely called the island of youth, where the holiday never stops.

Did you know that there are such stars as Sophia Loren and Madonna, Nicolas Cage, Russell Crowe and Michael Jordan among the regular guests of the island? Today, this Greek island needs absolutely no publicity. A summer trip to Mykonos is almost the same as a winter trip to Switzerland – a holiday that has long become a tradition. The island is an amazing combination of pristine natural beauty and the high life of the Mediterranean.

On Mykonos, you can walk along small streets filled with white houses with stone benches, bright windows, doors, and even winding balconies. It is impossible to pass by small but exquisite churches, picturesque taverns and small shops displaying the goods of local craftsmen. All this together resembles a separate, hidden from the bustle, cozy little world.

Mykonos can also be safely called the island that never sleeps. This small corner has long been famous worldwide for its grandiose parties, which are not inferior in scope to the disco in Ibiza. Recently, the struggle between bars and clubs has flared up brighter. Perhaps this opposition makes the island glow with billions of lights every night, attracting visitors who, like moths, rush into the light.


On Mykonos, you can find many sandy and pebble beaches. The list of the most popular includes the following:

  • Paradise is a nudist beach where the fun almost never stops. It is here that one of the largest open-air nightclubs operates, music constantly plays and young people hang out. During the day you can enjoy water sports such as diving and surfing.
  • Paranga is also a favorite beach for nude sunbathers. Conventionally, its territory can be divided into two parts: quiet – in the wild – and noisy, but also more comfortable. There are constantly flying parties at the Kalua Beach Bar in the summer.
  • Platis Gialos and Psarou are in close proximity to each other. Comfortable conditions for recreation have been created here: many cafes and restaurants, a diving center, picturesque nature, etc.

Villas in Mykonos

Mykonos villas are renowned for their comfort and luxury. On the island of Mykonos, there are villas for every taste and every budget. Mykonos offers beautiful villas for families, couples, and groups of friends every year.

Villas in Mykonos come in different sizes, with beach access, sea views and more. Each person will definitely be able to find the villa that he likes and enjoy a wonderful holiday. In order to find a suitable villa for your holiday in Mykonos, go to this site, and you will be able to see a large number of options.