Pre-Move Strategies: How Packers and Movers in London Plan Your Move

Moving to another house for the first time? We can understand how exciting, anxious and stressed you might be feeling. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free move, it is crucial to enlist the services of professional packers and movers in London. One essential step in their moving process is the pre-move survey. In this article, we will understand the importance of pre-move surveys and how packers and movers in London utilize them to smartly plan and execute your relocation.

How Professional Packers and Movers in London Assess Your Move –

  1. Creating Inventory – They assess the entire inventory that needs to be relocated. They also accurately determine the number of items, their sizes, and any special handling requirements. This assessment forms the basis for creating a tailored moving plan.
  2. Specialized Moving Plan – Based on the information gathered through inventory list, professional movers develop a customized moving plan to make your home shifting in London smooth. This plan includes details such as the type of packing materials needed, the size of the moving truck required, and the number of moving personnel needed for a swift and efficient move.
  3. Estimate Cost Accurately – After following the above steps, packers and movers can provide you with an accurate cost estimate for the entire moving process. This transparency ensures that you have a clear understanding of the expenses involved, helping you budget effectively for your move.
  4. Arrangement of Special Equipment – Some items, such as fragile artwork, antiques, or electronic equipment, require special handling and packaging. During the pre-move survey, movers identify these items and make necessary arrangements to ensure they are packed securely and transported with care.
CONCLUSION – Pre-moving surveys done by the professional packers and movers in London plays an important role to make the whole process of home shifting easier and smooth. It also allows them to create an accurate cost estimation of the whole process. From packing to unpacking everything will be done by the skilled workers. We provide reliable services along with good customer service. You can expect an ease in communication with the driver during pick and delivery. We offer careful and timely delivery of your goods. Furthermore, we guarantee that your goods will be packed and transported securely lowering the risk of any damage. In any case of damage customers will receive full compensation for it.

5 Things to consider while choosing the best mover in NYC:

Several things should be kept in mind when choosing the movers company but the most Important ones are:
  • Storage and packaging boxes: You should always check if they have additional storage space. Sometimes when we’re packing we’re not aware that we might need extra storage space at the eleventh hour.Packing and storage management can be very hectic if not done effectively. Check if they have all the necessary equipment for packaging such as bubble wraps for fragile objects.
  • No hidden fees: One sign of a legitimate and reliable company is that they will never have any hidden fee or charges.Any company who asks for the large upfront payment or forces you to pay additional charges over every service can be a scam. One should avoid hiring such companies for moving. Any authentic company will discuss all the charges and fee prior to the booking.
  • Luxury Items Insurance: There are some luxury items that require to be handled with caution.This can include glass items or antique decoration pieces. Any moving company should take full responsibility for handling Luxury items with care.In case of breakage of any goods, the company is responsible for the money back guarantee of that item.
  • Quick delivery on fastest route: When looking for a moving company make sure that it takes the fastest route and ensures quick delivery. Quicker deliveries tend to reduce the chance of accidents or loss of any valuables. It also helps to cut down the cost.
  • Contactless Delivery solution: Contactless deliveries are  both convenient and safe at the same time. Customers can achieve positive customer experience through contactless delivery.
  • Contactless delivery might have its challenges but it is trouble free. Customers can use GPS to make sure drivers are taking the quickest route.

Why should you choose Helping2move ?

Boston Movers Company will provide you efficient and quick moving services.Movers will handle each and every task saving you a lot of time and energy. You won’t have to buy storage boxes, collecting materials for packing because Boston New York movers will have the right equipment with them.
  • Affordable rates: Moving can be quite heavy on the pockets. Cost and rates depend on the type of moving services you hire. It also depends on what you require of them. If you’re hiring full service movers, It might cost you more than regular movers. Helping2move offer clear-pricing and affordable rates.
  • Any additional charges will be discussed beforehand to avoid any disagreement. Customers will pay the exact amount that will be discussed before the booking. When talking about charges, we have complete transparency and no hidden charges. Rates are customizable so cost entirely depends on what services you require.
  • Online Booking: Online booking is by far the easiest and suitable way to book  any services. Online booking is effortless and provides the chance of booking any services 24/7.
  • Online booking system allows customers to make reservations anytime, anywhere, without worrying about business hours. It can be done whenever the customers find it most convenient. However, if you do not prefer online booking you can always call and talk to representatives to book our services and discuss anything related to the services.
  • Packing and moving the same day: To maximize efficiency and cut costs, a moving company should pack and move on the same day. A professional moving company will always value the customer’s time. We have skilled workers so  we don’t need days to pack, transfer, and transport your stuff. To make customer experience satisfactory, we pack and move the same day.
  • This helps lower the cost and ensures timely delivery. We make every possible effort to make your experience a good one. Packing and Moving on the same day can prove beneficial for people moving on strict deadlines.
  • Professional and full service movers: Helping2move  provide complete professional services of moving. Packing might be the most hectic task to some people so our services include packing, loading, transportation, unloading.
  • We provide some additional services like cleaning up  and junk removal, storage management and disassembling and assembling furniture. We also provide shipment tracking through GPS so you can track your goods.
  • Different sizes of trucks/vehicles: You need to understand your moving needs when selecting a vehicle. It depends on what kind of goods you are about to move. If they are heavy weighted objects you will need a larger space for them.
We have trucks in a variety of sizes, including pick-up trucks, cargo vans, and box trucks. You may choose the option that best conforms to your needs. You can easily check the sizes of the trucks from an online website and then book Helping2move accordingly.


Hiring a moving company can be a wise choice for so many reasons. Moving is a time-consuming and exhausting experience. Professional movers like Helping2move  can take some of that stress away by packing, loading and transporting your goods. They can make sure that any fragile item is handled with utmost care. They minimize the chance of damage or loss. Hiring them is the ideal option if you have an extensive number of things that need to be moved.

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