Safe and Convenient Supply of LPG Gas Cylinders to Consumers in Bangladesh

Compressed gasses such as LPG can be vulnerable to certain risks when they are being transported. Assuming that consumers require LPG cylinders in Bangladesh, safe transportation and delivery are vital to ward off the possible risks. BEXIMCO LPG by BEXIMCO Group is one of the companies in the country that ensures a safe supply of cylinders. As the leader in the industry, it further makes certain that consumers can conveniently access the fuel. To ensure both safety and convenience for consumers, the company implements several measures. Proper delivery, ventilation, secured parts of cylinders, etc., are among some of these measures.

Possible Hazards while Transporting LPG Cylinders

BEXIMCO LPG by BEXIMCO Group believes that, even though liquefied petroleum gas is a safe fuel, it can get exposed to risks such as corrosion, oxidization, etc. Also, the gas is flammable and can result in unlikely fires. These risks can arise during various instances, depending on certain factors. The possibilities exist even when LPG is being transported or delivered. Particularly when cylinders are being delivered and safety is not ensured, hazards can pose dangers for consumers and also those involved in their movement.

Safe Delivery of LPG

BEXIMCO LPG retained its foothold in Bangladesh as the leading provider of LPG. Consumers consider the company to be reliable when the fuel has to be accessed. Safe and convenient deliveries are assured to them, owing to the measures implemented and improved by the leading company.

Measures to Ensure Safety during Transportation

The Bangladeshi company BEXIMCO LPG by BEXIMCO Group delivers LPG cylinders using vehicles that are suitable for their transportation. For both domestic and industrial usage, it uses vehicles that do not result in improper handling while being moved. Sufficient ventilation is made certain during the process.

  • Even before moving the gas, parts of cylinders such as valves are checked.
  • These parts are kept secure to avoid leaks during transportation.
  • Protection caps are installed on valves as required.
  • Also, the company carries limited cylinders per delivery.
  • They are handled without being dropped or made to collide with other objects.
  • Even to drop the products to the delivery vehicle, proper trolleys are used.

Ensuring Convenient Supply throughout Bangladesh

BEXIMCO LPG is identified for its smart LPG cylinders. While they prove to be convenient when used, even when delivering them, this aspect is assured for consumers.

For consumers, convenient deliveries have been made more easily possible from 2021 onward. In this year, the leading private sector company BEXIMCO LPG by BEXIMCO Group made LPG smart cylinders accessible throughout Bangladesh. Currently, consumers in any part of this country can dial 16565. The hotline number will connect them to the manufacturer and help place requests for home deliveries.

A home delivery request can be made for:

  • Cylinders having 22 kg and 12 kg fuel
  • Liquefied petroleum gas available at pre-fixed and government-declared prices

Note: Service charges associated with home deliveries can apply.

Minimizing LPG Hazards with Professional Supply Services

According to BEXIMCO LPG, when consumers move cylinders by their means, there can be some possibility of hazards taking place. Even when they implement the best safety and handling measures, such occurrences are possible. Hence, it is advisable to seek professional services for the supply of the fuel.

As the leader in the private sector, the Bangladeshi company BEXIMCO LPG by BEXIMCO Group fully understands how cylinders must be expertly handled and moved. It has been rendering professional supply services for a considerable period. Hence, in terms of handling, movement, and storage at the time of transportation, risks are exceedingly minimized.

Such professional services are especially to be availed when consumers require cylinders to be delivered across a long distance. Whether the delivery distance is short or long, BEXIMCO LPG ensures safety at all times. Even after delivering the fuel, it is securely moved to domestic households and stored amidst proper conditions.

Bottom Line

LPG can be required by consumers for both domestic and industrial purposes. For both purposes, the fuel must be safely delivered/transported. With companies like BEXIMCO LPG, cylinders are safely provided to them. The delivery process further looks after the convenience of users. The leader in the private sector in Bangladesh is determined to continue safely delivering cylinders for its consumers.

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