SandyBlue: Positive communication equals villa rental success!

It has been a rocky road for the travel industry over the last 18 months, but things are finally looking up.

The travel space has positive energy as we look forward to what 2022 will bring. Furthermore, the Algarve is as alive as ever, especially with the further easing of lockdown restrictions across Portugal.

Over the last two months, we have been sharing our ‘ten steps to villa rental success’ in our exclusive series with The Portugal News. Today, we reveal our final two steps – ‘consistent communication’ and ‘unwavering positivity.’ For our team, these two steps go hand in hand. Throughout the pandemic, we wanted to keep our villa owners up to date with all developments.

Of course, the news wasn’t always welcome. However, we knew that a positive mindset was the only way to motivate our team and all of our clients. Positivity, and the idea that travel would open up once more, was a shining beacon in dark times. We wanted to be the ones holding up that beacon!

Communicating with owners and guests

Our co-founders, Joe Mountain and Anastasia Takield, have built great relationships with our owner partners. It was imperative that we maintained this by consistently communicating with them to share any relevant updates. We believe villa owners, especially in uncertain times, should feel assured that their property is being taken care of. That’s exactly what we did.

From the operations side, we used the opportunity to share potential improvements owners could think about during travel restrictions, as well as ways we had made changes in line with ‘Clean & Safe’ protocols. When owners had any questions, we were always on hand to answer them to our best ability.

Ultimately, we didn’t want our clients to be left in the dark – it would not only affect them, but our team also. Keeping everyone positive through consistent communication was so important and leads us to our final step to villa rental success.

Positivity leads the way

Without a positive mindset, our team wouldn’t have been able to examine the bigger picture. An obvious example would be how travel restrictions affected us. Covid-19 meant that our markets, especially the UK & Ireland, were unable to travel. We didn’t let this dishearten us…instead, we shifted focus to new markets and found great success from these. This in turn gave our owner partners the peace of mind that action was being taken.

In steps 3 and 4 of our series, we discussed the importance of investing in our people and using innovation to keep our villa portfolio on the map. It was our team coming together in a positive way which allowed us to create new offerings, such as longer stays and in-villa experiences, that helped our owner partners tremendously. This tenth step was really the driving force behind all of our steps to villa rental success.

2022 in the Algarve

Bookings are at an all time high, so 2022 in the Algarve is set to be the best yet. We hope our ten steps to villa rental success have been informative and we are always on hand to help new owners in this beautiful region truly make the most of their wonderful properties.

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