The toughest section of the IELTS exam and tips to prepare for it

No one can deny the fact that the IELTS exam is known for its prominence and quality in assessing the candidates’ English language skills. The test is taken by millions of candidates every year due to these two factors. No doubt, there are other English proficiency assessment tests as well such as PTE, TOEFL, etc. However, the high standards of the test make the IELTS quite prominent among people. 

Well, the IELTS exam has four sections and for sure, one section will be going to be the toughest section which varies from individual to individual. According to many candidates, the reading and writing sections are the toughest sections of the IELTS exam. Those who feel tense when speaking in English find the speaking section quite tough. 

The article will explain the tips to prepare for the writing section with the utmost level of excellence. Get ready with us to learn the best tips and excel in the writing section of the IELTS exam like a pro. 

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Let’s prepare for the toughest section of the IELTS exam with the utmost brilliance:

The two tasks 

It is imperative for the candidates to grow their knowledge of everything that they are going to receive in the writing section to answer. For sure, you will get the questions to demonstrate your writing skills. How do you demonstrate your writing skills? The answer is very simple i.e. by writing an essay, application, report, etc. Yes, you will receive two questions in the section which are popular with the name of two tasks.

The first one will be of report type that will ask you to respond to a graph and the second one will ask you to write an essay. You have to divide the timing accord accordingly. However, the first task must take 20 minutes and the second one must take 40 minutes. 

Practice rewriting 

Well, you can also learn profound writing skills by rewriting. Yes, open your PC, and access Google Docs which are available for free. Then, download Grammarly as an extension for free and start writing. Grammarly will guide you a lot in improving your mistakes and tell you the best suggestions such as synonyms and grammar mistakes. 

To rewrite, you can access the articles of a newspaper that align with your interest and rewrite them line by line. 

Improve Your Vocabulary

If you have an Oxford dictionary in paper format then,  learning English vocabulary is going to be an adventurous task. All you need along with your dictionary is a highlighter, a wonderful location, and a cup of coffee. Just get them all and sit at a peaceful location to explore new five words from your dictionary. Take a profound look at the meaning and its application in the sentence. By using an extensive vocabulary wisely you will be able to enhance the quality of your writing.

Learn to analyze the graphs 

You can receive graphs that you have to analyze in order to attempt the first task.  For sure, when you fail to analyze the graphs correctly, you won’t be able to attempt the section with the utmost brilliance. Quickly analyze the graphs and practice giving the utmost response to the questions. 

Maintain coherence 

Try to maintain coherence when you are writing the response. For sure, you have to use transition words and use a format that can help you maintain coherence. 

Use a different paragraph to write a different example, idea, or experience. Also, keep your paper neat and clean to help the examiner understand everything clearly. 

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The candidates who find the IELTS writing section tough will receive profound help from the pointers mentioned above. Also, make sure to improve your writing and spare 2 minutes to organize everything that you are going to write in task two. 

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