Top Misconceptions about Private Schools in Dubai you probably believe in

Private schools are a type of school—either elementary, middle, or high school—in which children are taught in a single environment by a small group of teachers and administrators in an individual classroom. Private schools may be religious or non-religious. Private schools usually are not affiliated with any particular religious group or denomination. 

Many people consider top cbse schools in Dubai to be elite and a bastion of privilege. However, this perception is inaccurate. Many schools are located in urban neighbourhoods because these areas often need more schools than wealthy areas. 

Let us look at some common misconceptions about private schools and Higher Secondary schools in Dubai:

1- Only the kids of the rich go to private school

Though the cost of private schools indeed continues to rise, private schools have been trying their best to provide the best education to the students at low school fees. It used to be true that only the upper class could afford private schools, but that’s not the case anymore. Many schools want students from different classes that include students from low-income families. Moreover, many states now employ school choice measures to help children with special needs or those in low-income households afford private school tuition.

2- Private school teachers do not need to be certified

Legally, a teaching certificate is not required to teach in higher secondary schools. But it’s just common sense to make sure you have a teaching credential. Most private schools will hire you without teacher certification, with the understanding that you will be certified within a certain span of time. Some private schools offer internships to recent graduates. These programs are designed to provide a teaching experience under the expert guidance of experienced teachers.

3- Private school students are not diverse

There is not only diversity in the income family groups, the top International Schools in Dubai also have students from different races, cultures, and ethnicities, contrary to people’s belief.

4- Children are not allowed to play in private schools in Dubai.

Discipline and rules are part of the life of any private school. However, you may be surprised to know private schools offer students to be equally focused on sports as on academics. It is the belief of private schools that school is a great place to make friends and have fun. It helps to develop your child’s interpersonal skills and leadership ability. 

5- Only geniuses attend private schools

Private schools really dedicate a lot of resources to gifted and talented students. But we reject the idea that someone has to be a genius to attend a private school. On the one hand, that’s not true. Only a small number of private school students represent geniuses. The bottom line is that students attend private schools in Dubai for better education, not because they were previously considered geniuses.

6- Basic academics overshadow arts and sports 

Many higher secondary schools have well-developed athletic programs and physical education classes to ensure that a variety of movement and exercise activities are directly integrated into the program. With smaller class sizes, there are also more opportunities for any student who wants to get involved. Many private schools also place a strong emphasis on the arts. Many offer broad access to music, dance, theatre, and the visual arts through extracurricular activities.

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7- No Help Paying Private School Tuition

Private school tuition used to be beyond the reach of low-income families, but there are now many resources available to help parents pay the bills. 

Even the higher secondary schools are making it affordable for parents to get their children enrolled in private schools. Some common help that is provided includes tax credit scholarships that help families pay a large portion of tuition. 

8- Higher secondary schools are difficult to access

Academic standards are high, but there are other things that private schools look for when reviewing their application materials. Candidates who show their academic ability by performing well on the entrance test will be accepted. 

However, admissions officers also want to know who each applicant is. The school wants to meet each applicant as well as applicants who want to visit the campus and see what it’s like. Therefore, personality, interests, and activities are the elements that should be included in every candidate’s profile.

In conclusion:

The various myths about private schools in Dubai are the result of a lack of research or a lack of understanding on the part of the general public. Many people believe that private schools are wealthy, elitist institutions. Still, the reality is that private schools are just as diverse as public schools and offer students a similar educational experience. Private schools are often better equipped than public schools to provide a challenging education for their students. This is because private schools have the ability to offer a more challenging and intensive education with fewer fees in a smaller setting.


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