‘Your Negro Tour Information’ resurrected at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati

Torie Wiggins stars in “Your Negro Tour Guide,” running through May 7 at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati. Adapted to the stage by Wiggins and Jeff Griffin, the play is based on commentaries written by Kathy Y. Wilson and published in CityBeat, Cincinnati Magazine and on NPR.

The tag line on Kathy Y. Wilson’s e mail signature reads “roughly hewn contemplating that 1965.”

It’s a clever line, catchy and concise. However if you happen to had been one specific of these folks folks fortuitous ample to review the “Your Negro Tour Information” commentaries Wilson wrote for CityBeat, Cincinnati Journal and NPR a few a few years up to now, you’d perceive that line as a warning, approach too.

Wilson is slight of construct. And, at 56, she’s not as rapidly as she utilized to be. However you wouldn’t need to tangle together with her. Certainly not in a disagreement. She’s too sharp. Far too educated. A lot too educated.

She insists that she’s softened a bit within the a few years as a result of all these columns and the next e-book have been printed. (“Your Negro Tour Guidebook: Truths in Black and White” appeared in 2004.)

“I’m considerably much less judgmental,” she acknowledged, “however I’m 50 situations rather more simple.”

We’ll shortly uncover out.

Fifteen a very long time or so in the past, actor Torie Wiggins and director Jeff Griffin collected a beneficiant handful of Wilson’s sharpest-edged commentaries and tailor-made them right into a simply one-individual take part in, with Wiggins as its star.

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