Jim Corbett Park Jungle Safari – The Place to Make Your Vacation Memorable

Do you want to enjoy a relaxing tour? Come and enjoy the Jungle Safari. Before you go, take a look at some of the options available to you for a memorable and enjoyable tour. The only National Park to offer the option of a Night Stay.

About Corbett Park

This is the place to be for those who enjoy exploring nature. The Jim Corbett National Park has many animals and plants. The Park was founded in 1936, and named after a hunter by the name of Jim Corbett. The National Park in Uttrakhand is one of the oldest. Also visit our Resort in Jim Corbett.The Corbett Tiger Reserve is 1288 square kilometres in size and divided into two zones: the core area which covers 520 sq km and includes Jim Corbett Park Jungle safari and the buffer zone which covers 308 sq km and includes reserve forest as well as Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary.

Entry Gates

Each of the five tourist entrance gates in Corbett National Park is unique. You may see a tiger due to the presence of a water body in one area, or a herd of elephants due to the marshlands in another. Each entry gate allows for a clearer view of the fauna and flora.

Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala Forest Lodge is a 100-year-old lodge that was built by the Britishers. The old rest house was built because the National Park in India is the only park that allows overnight stays. Tourists love this place because it is basic and offers the opportunity to spend the night among the Flora and Fauna. The food is also delicious. Online booking is available for the rooms.

Night Stay Facility

Sonanadi Tourism Zone offers accommodation in Dhikala (also known as Sarapduli), Gairal (also known as Sultan), Bijrani (also called Malani), Jhirna (also known as Dhela), Kanda and Lohachaur. Every room has a double bed and basic amenities. Visitors who wish to stay inside the forest may choose a dormitory with 12 beds at Dhikala, or an 8-bed dorm at Gairal.

How to Get to the Jim Corbett Park Jungle Safari

Ramnagar offers the best access to CTR’s headquarters, where the Jim Corbett Safari package is located. By road and rail, this small city is well-connected to other Indian cities, such as Delhi and Moradabad. Ramnagar is about a half-hour drive away from Corbett National Park. Ramnagar Railway station is about 15 kilometres away from the park. Travel to the park by road, air service or train.

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Activities to do at Jim Corbett

You can enhance your experience by taking part in the Jim Corbett Park Jungle Safari Price. These include:

  • Jeep Jungle Safari
  • Elephant Ride
  • Dhikala Canter Safari
  • Watchtowers, Machans and Machans
  • Wildlife Movie Show
  • Library Facilities
  • Corbett Museum
  • Bird Watching
  • Interpretation Centre

Book a Jim Corbett Park jungle safari adventure trip

Jim Corbett National Park Vacation

National parks are synonymous with adventure, excitement, and active travel. National parks have both hotels and homestays. Explore the 520 km2 and live within it’s boundaries.

Homestays are a convenient way to access vacation activities. Homestays offer food and lodging for vacationers who are looking to experience new things.

Safari Activities in the National Park

Any national park should have a safari. Booking a jungle safari with Jim Corbett allows you to enjoy safari rides. Jim Corbett Park Safari Booking includes different rides. Safaris offer a chance to observe a wide variety of animals and birds.

  • Jim Corbett Park Elephant Safari appeals to those who have a spirit of adventure. Online bookings for the Jim Corbett Park Elephant Safari will allow you to access it in advance. Online bookings are convenient and can be made according to individual needs. The cost is Rs. The cost is Rs.
  • Jeep Safari is now available for Rs. Jeep Safari is available at Rs. The Jeep is open-air, so you can fully enjoy the safari.
  • The Canter Safari costs Rs. 1500 per person. Canter safari can take up to 16 passengers.

You can see some rare sights if you are patient and lucky. Safari rides can be scheduled for two times: early morning or late afternoon/evening.

The Best Summer Vacation Spot

Jim Corbett Park is divided into seasons. Safaris are offered all year. Plan a vacation for the summer or prepare to go on a safari in winter. Bird watching, grasslands, and many different plants are also available. Booking online is simple for all vacationers.

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