Spruce your Vacation Rental in 9 Simple Steps

Managing a rental property is super fun if the location is ideal. From a beach house on the coastal shores to a reminiscence of bustling cities like Peshawar, each location has its opportunities. You can spring up the desired changes in the rental property as the mood (or even the season) strikes.

To make the rental property stand out in a busy city means you have ten times the chance to improve the appeal. But how are you going to do it? Keep reading on to find out more. 

Start with curb appeal 

Most of the rental properties these days are flashier than the former residences. Take a look at Bahria town in Peshawar for instance. The house exteriors are contemporary and minimalistic in design. While the curbs of the new residences are posher than ever. Will take increase the chance of an influx in bookings for rental vocational properties? Absolutely. 

Improve the entrance 

Another most important aspect after the curb is refreshing the entrance to the house. The main door leads you to the foyer. But does it look welcoming enough?

How about a dash of paint? It is cost effective and you can use bright colors to repaint the door. Or perhaps add some texture to the door frame. It allows to boost the curb appeal altogether. 

Do landscaping 

Something that homeowners can easily ignore – but landscaping has a higher appeal. Trimming the lawn, grooming the bushes, and planting flowers add to the charm of the property. Modern housing has limited lawns, which makes limited options to play with. However, you can still do a lot by adding pots. Also, try hanging the plants in cute little displays.

Landscaping is possible even with limited space. For this, you can even take a designer consultation. 

Place a patio set 

What is a patio without outdoor furniture or a porch swing? Families looking for comfortable-looking rental properties in bustling cities will be only too happy to sit outdoors in the evening. A small patio can be drastically improved just by adding super comfy chairs and a table. It allows vacationers not to hole up indoors all the time. 

Work on porch stain 

If you have a porch, guests will likely spend a lot of time on it throughout the summer. Before guests arrive, spend some time updating it by giving the wood a fresh coat of stain. By doing this, the outside area gets a new look without any new furniture or decorations being added. Additionally, you can do it without a professional’s assistance.

Bring indoors some green plants

Fresh foliage within the house has been shown to reduce stress levels, so adding plants can be just what your visitors need to truly unwind on vacation. It doesn’t have to resemble the set of Jumanji, but this isn’t a need.

The good news is that adding even a few plants to the main spaces of the house may make a big difference.

Bonus advice: To keep plants alive and promote relaxation for your visitors, include watering on the weekly vacation rental housekeeping checklist.

Organize bookshelves

Bookshelves become the default location for any new trinkets, pictures, and objects that don’t already have a home. This implies that they are susceptible to readily being overcrowded, which can cause an otherwise tidy and inviting area to feel crowded, disorganized, and dirty. Clear up the bookcases and other such areas quickly, getting rid of everything unnecessary.

Change the curtains

The windows, which are the most significant features of each room, are framed by curtains, which are frequently an afterthought. This means that they have an impact on the appearance and atmosphere of your property, and changing them can drastically alter the atmosphere.

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The style of the room is influenced by the curtains in addition to how much light enters the space. 

Add a feature wall

A fresh coat of paint on the walls can give the room a new look, but an accent wall goes one step further. An accent wall is a single wall that is painted in a striking or complementary hue or that has a distinctive pattern on the wallpaper.

This distinguishes the area from the rest of the space and is a wonderful way to showcase a special piece of furniture.

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