What is the importance of language and its connection with identity?

Importance of language is an inevitable part of human existence because it is the means of communication. Cognitive language communication is an exclusive feature of human beings. Other living beings also communicate amongst themselves either through sounds, hormones, or some other actions, but only human beings utilize language.

There are dozens of languages spoken by humans of different geographical areas, regional and ethnic backgrounds. Language confers identity to a person in a way that by knowing the language of the person, one can approximate the region and background they belong to. Currently, English is the global language, and most people are focusing on learning that. Many people enroll themselves in English online tuition and offline as well to get a good hold of the language. This adds to their skills as well as opportunities. In this written piece, you will find the importance of language and identity as a whole and how language can be a distinguishable feature.

Role in communication

Language plays an important role in facilitating communication among humans. Imagine how you would have conveyed your thoughts and opinions without the existence of language. People communicate in their native language in their surroundings, but to expand opportunities worldwide, one can aim at learning more languages and especially English. There are abundant platforms that offer the best English online tuition so that people from any part of the world can avail of them. Another important aspect of language in communication is that it should convey things in a clear way; that is, it should mean exactly what is said.

Shapes personal and national identity

Language is connected with culture and tradition, so by knowing the language, one also gets to know the historical culture related to it. This knowledge helps in shaping an individual. So this draws a connection between personal identity and language. This might seem unrealistic to some, but language does affect an individual’s behavior. Language also helps nations to maintain their unique identity and protect their freedom. It is very rightly said that as long as you have a hold of your language, no one can take away your freedom from you.

Make room for social contacts

As it is said that human beings are social beings, to socialize and maintain contact with other fellow beings, there has to be a bridge. Language bridges the gap between people from different areas. Therefore it is necessary to learn a common or global language like English. People also make contact with the best English online tuition and other language classes also. Being in the same learning stage develops a unique, friendly bond between them.

Opens career opportunities

Knowledge of different languages opens the door to various career options. One can go to study or work in any part of the world with the knowledge of language. It is such a great opportunity as a single skill connects you to the whole world. Such people are considered as highly educated and hence gain respect wherever they go. With advancements in science, technology, and overall globalization, it is important to know languages.

Language can reveal differences among people

Many times it is seen that a disagreement arises between people of completely different backgrounds on some common topics. In the majority of cases, the reason comes out to be the language barrier. Language and its representation can mold the fact about the expression of a person or the work they do. English is a language that is mostly used, and it has a few components that sound like something else but mean something completely different. Therefore it is important to take spoken English classes to learn correct pronunciation and usage of language and its phrases. An incorrect representation can be harmful if understood in the wrong way.

Connection with Identity

The identity of a person is reflected in their choices and beliefs. There could be many dimensions of identity, like cultural, ethnic, social, and national. Language is connected with almost every dimension of identity. Speaking a particular language somewhere shows commitment and loyalty to that particular group of people or community.

Language, Identity, and Race

There is a strong relationship between race and ethnic identity of a person with the language they speak. People with similar racial backgrounds are observed to speak the same language. It depicts that language does unite people and is often referred to as the mother tongue. It gives a sense of belonging to the person. Language is not just a medium of communication; instead, it is a feeling or way of expression for most communities, and they feel a sense of emotional attachment to it.

To conclude, it is very important to know your mother tongue to establish and maintain your identity, and at the same time, it is important to learn different languages, especially those that are in global demand to remain in concordance with the world.

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