Tyre Care & Maintenance: How to Extend the Life of Your Car Tyres

How to Extend the Life of Your Car Tyres

Many think car maintenance is just an oil change, engine and brake service, and general care. But they forget about the most important part of their cars. The tyres. These are the life of your vehicle. They make sure that you have a safe and comfortable ride. And especially when you’re living in a city like Dubai. Keeping your tyres in check is important. Join us as we learn how to look after our car Tyres in Dubai.

1. Air Pressure

It is important to keep the right air pressure in your tyres. A regular check will keep your tyres from damaging. Moreover, it will also increase the fuel use of your car. The right pressure saves the tyre from uneven wear. This helps in increasing their life. Even the handling of your car depends on it. Uneven tyre pressure will decrease handling. Thus, reducing the handling.

2. Tyre Rotation

We recommend you rotate the tyres every 5,000 km. Or if you see that they are unevenly wearing. But make sure that each tyre gets equal rotating. This makes sure that each tyre will wear equally. Thus increasing their overall life. Remember not to spin your tyres a lot. Especially when stuck in sand or mud. Gently move your car back and forth to get out of such situations. This makes sure that you don’t damage the tyres.

3. Wheel Alignment

This is an important thing to look out for. This makes sure that your wheels stay at the right angle. Thus, having them in the right position is important for car handling. It’s also important to keep your tyres in good condition. You should check the wheel alignment after every 5,000 km too. Remember to check the wear pattern of your tyre when doing so. As this pattern also tells about little defects in the alignment. Talk to your car dealer for more information about wear patterns.

4. Check for Wear

The rule of thumb is to retire your tyres when they reach 1.6mm tread depth. All new tyres have marks that show tread depth. These marks are between the grooves and appear as smooth lines. So change your tyres to avoid skidding in wet weather. Moreover, such tyres puncture more easily. So we suggest you to have a monthly check to keep your ride safe.

5. Be Careful While Changing Tyres

Always use a hydraulic car jack when swapping tyres. It’s easy to use and safe than other types of jacks. But if this isn’t available. You can use the jack that the car maker provides. But remember that the surface is even and rigid when changing tyres. So follow the steps that the manufacturer gives to have a safe tyre changing process.

6. Change Time Matters

The time from which you change your car tyres is important. This time is anywhere between 6 to 10 years. Where six years is the ideal time. But ten years is the absolute max that you can stretch it. After that, the tyres become unsafe to use. And you wouldn’t want to risk your safety just to save some bucks. This change time is also important in other car parts. Such as car oil. So remember to invest in a good brand like Castrol Oil. So your car gives the best performance.

7. Drive Smoothly

It’s obvious that harsh driving wears out the tyres faster. If you drive your car at very high speeds and use emergency brakes. It’ll cause the tyres to grind more against the road. Causing it to damage the rubber. Thus, making them wear out before time. So avoid applying emergency brakes and give your car a rest. Follow smooth driving ways and extend the life of your tyres.

8. Don’t Mix & Match

Normally, you’ll see radial tyres on all passenger cars. So car experts suggest using the same type and size for all four tyres. As mixing this might reduce the stability of your vehicle. Moreover, if you’re using radials and non-radials. Then remember that the radials go on the rear of your car. These little tips will make sure that your ride remains safe. But be careful when you’re mixing different tyres. Keep the speed in check, and don’t make it a habit.

9. Wheel Bolt Size

Normally, the car dealers provide the bolts too. You just need to make sure that the bolts are the right size. As you don’t want the bolts to be too short or long. If they are too short, then there are chances of the wheel popping out. And you don’t want that to happen during a ride. As it might have deadly results. On the other hand, it’s a problem if they’re too long. This will cause injury to the car suspension. Remember to get a piece of advice from a tyre expert to make sure that you get them right.

10. Storage

The last thing to remember is storage. If you aren’t using your tyres much, storing them properly is important. Many people overlook this. As they don’t understand the importance of this part. Remember to store the tyres in a cool, dry place. Make sure they’re away from chemicals, oil, and petrol. As these substances cause damage to the rubber of your tyres. Moreover, direct sunlight or heat also harms the rubber of your tyre. As the temperature changes cause the rubber to harden and lose its grip. Lastly, water collecting inside standing tyres also harms them. So, place the tyres flat on the ground or on a rack to avoid this situation.


Remember to consult a tyre expert before making any changes to your tyres. Especially if you’re new to the world of tyres. Don’t forget to read the Tyre Safety Standards and Regulations before you head out today!

Time to Ride

By now, you must know how to look after your car tyres. But if you wish to get an expert opinion. We suggest you visit the Central Trading Company in Dubai. They have car and tyre experts to give you the best advice on vehicle maintenance. They also have the right parts and products to keep your ride in the best shape. So book an appointment today to spoil your car with love.

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